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Il Salotto di Casanova 

A place with a high evocative value, refined and stylistically faithful to Giacomo Casanova's era the "Salotto", opened to public on April 2nd 2018, is designed and directed by M° Luigi Pistore in collaboration with the Casanova Venice Academy and promoted by the G. Casanova Foundation. The Salotto is the secret place in Venice where to meet, under charmng and sensations, the most famous adventurer and seducer in the world: Giacomo Casanova. Stories of travels, adventures, escapes and duels, passions and loves: an unbelievable journey through past time to live again Casanova epoch with the refinement, elegance and trasgression of the 18th century "Casini". An evocative moment greatly experientail that takes the visitor back in time. The admittance at the Salotto includes a guided visit along Casanova's life course, the "Memoires corner" and the secret room. The visit ends with the tastings of "Casanova's pleasures" 18th customs and traditions offered to the guests by our Partners. 

Casanova Art Gallery Museum

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