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 Casanova Venice Academy

A place where Art, Music and Culture meet harmoniously.

In one of the most beautiful cities of the world, the first Art and Music academy dedicated to one of the most worldwide famous personalities in the world, Giacomo Casanova. The CASANOVA VENICE ACADEMY was born from a research project started in 2014. Established in 2016 from 2019 it officially became the Academy of the G. CASANOVA FOUNDATION.

Casanova Venice Academy

The Academy is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2014 in Venice. The aim of the Academy is  to develop and enrich the knowledge of the life and works of Giacomo Casanova, by producing cultural, artistic and musical activities on a regular basic.

An orchestra dedicated to Giacomo Casanova, the “Casanova Academy Orchestra”, has been established within the Academy and is formed by both young musical talents from North-Eastern Italy and accomplished and internationally renowned musicians.

The Academy has its headquarters in Venice inside Palazzo Albrizzi Cannaregio 4118.


          Inspiring Principles



Our Vision


“To live the beauty of art and music by creating harmony and social well-being with the inspiration provided by Giacomo Casanova’s personality.”


Our Mission


“Create the first cultural and musical Centre dedicated to Giacomo Casanova in Venice, an exclusive feast of the arts sustained by an innovative business model”.


The aim of the project


“Re-establish the cultural value and importance of Giacomo Casanova and of his musical, artistic and literary influences.”

CASANOVA principe.jpg

Casanova Cenacle


The Casanova Cenacle was contrived within the Academy as a meeting place for Casanova enthusiasts and scholars, as well as for artists and musicians. In recent years the Cenacle has become the high point of the Academy through the dissemination and deepeing of Casanovan topics. With a clear purpose: to re-position the figure of Giacomo Casanova in the correct dimension and greatness, through the re-evaluation of its undeniable cultural and historical value that is not yet fully known and understood. The Casanova Cenacle was inaugurated on 2 April 2015.

Principe Maurice Agosti "Casanova" by Marco Bertin


Casanova Salotto

A place with high evocative value, refined and stylistically faithful to Giacomo Casanova time the "Salotto", opened to public on April 2nd 2018, is designed and directed by M° Luigi Pistore in collaboration with the Casanova Venice Academy and promoted by the G. Casanova Foundation.   An evocative moment greatly experientail that takes the visitor back in time. The calendar of his activity is planned yearly and is almost always proposed on Saturday.

casino venier.jpg
venezia libera.jpg

Casanova Itineraries

Know the places where Casanova lived and left his unmistakable sign!

With this aim  in 2016, under the guidance of the scholar Paolo Maria Fornelli, began the "Venetian walks by Giacomo Casanova" a successful project with the collaboration of scholars, authors of historical research presented in absolute premiere. A project that is set to expand in the future also in the main Casanovian places in Italy and abroad accompanied by a highly specialized guide. An unbelievable journey through the life of Casanova, to become, like him, a tireless and curious traveler.

To start it was necessary to "set the tone"

The birth of the Academy, the first cultural center dedicated to Giacomo Casanova in Venice, and all his projects so far carried out bear a clear signature: Luigi Pistore, musician, conductor, teacher and artistic director.

Scholar of Giacomo Casanova, from 2015 he conceived and directed practically all the projects, cultural events, exhibitions and concerts of the Academy, among which the now known "three gems": the Casanova Academy Orchestra, the Casanova Cenacle and  "Salotto di Casanova".

In 2018 he was called by the entrepreneur Carlo Parodi to assume the role of General Director of the newly founded Casanova Foundation, and later appointed by him to take care of the management and long-term planning of the Foundation.

Orchestra Alpe Adria 028.jpg

Flanked by entrepreneurs and operators of the Cultural Sector, he immediately proposed a new managerial model for the Foundation linked to the culture-company combination with the aim of becoming an internationally recognized center for research, study and dissemination of the figure and work of Giacomo Casanova.

                                                                 Casanova Membership Card 

The Academy is a no-profit cultural association. Whoever may be interested in taking part in the cultural activities of the Academy and sharing its aims and objectives, can become a member by applying for a Casanova Membership Card.

The yearly Casanova Membership Card is personal and will be issued upon receipt of the application form that can be mailed at the address of the Association or emailed at the following address:

The application form can be downloaded from this site.

The annual membership dues are 50,00 euro for the ordinary membership (20 euros for friends of the Academy).

The Casanova Membership Card entitles members to free entrance to all the cultural activities of the Association during the year and a discount on the tickets for the Concerts of the Casonova Academy Orchestra.

Personal data of members are privacy protected.

From next year 2020 the Casanova Membership Card will become the card of the Casanova Foundation.

Longhi concertino.jpg

Pietro Longhi, Concertino, 1741 Oil on canvas, 60 x 48 cm Venice, Gallerie dell’Accademia

Support the  Academy



Membership fees or any donation can be paid by bank transfer to the following account:



Accademia "Giacomo Casanova" di Venezia

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               IT 92 Z 03599 01899 050188534009     


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