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Casanova Academy Orchestra

The Orchestra OF Giacomo Casanova 

Following the experimental project “Alpe Adria” hosted by the CI.M Alpe Adria in Gorizia, the Academy is promoting the activity of a chamber music orchestra in Venice.

The main topics of the project are:

  • to promote the “Palace concerts” of the Casanova Orchestra, that will revive the model of the XVIII Century Academies;

  • to rediscover the history of the Palace, a symbol of culture, art and social prestige;

  • to offer a first job opportunity, although limited, to young musicians mostly from North-Eastern Italy;

  • to promote the knowledge of the music of Venetian composers, of XVIII Century music, of the music of the age of Giacomo Casanova and of the music inspired by his character and works.

A typical example of an "in residence" orchestra is formed by young talents, renowned professionals and soloists winners of international competitions. It is inspired by the refined European classical orchestras of the second half of the eighteenth century. Thanks to its physiognomy and its flexibility, the orchestra can address both the Venetian eighteenth-century repertory of the Great Masters of Classicism. The Orchestra was presented on 26 April 2015 in Venice in the splendid "Sala della Musica" of Cà Sagredo.

“Alpe Adria”

Philharmonic Orchestra

  International Youth Orchestra

The “Alpe Adria” Philharmonic Orchestra is formed by young musicians of different nationalities, some of them coming from North-Eastern Italy, some from the so called Alpe-Adria region (Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia) and some from other states of the European Union and from Eastern Europe.

The guidelines of this project are the respect for music, constant search for quality and the promotion of young talents, both local and international.

The Orchestra connects different schools and traditions and the universal language of music which is “spoken” by our young musicians becomes a vehicle for knowledge, communion and friendship among cultures.

The main results of the activities have been:

  • 10 workshops with the participation of more than 300 musicians coming from North-Eastern Italy and Alpe Adria

  • over 60 public performances, including concerts and lesson-concerts for school in Italy and abroad;

  • 4 CDs in 2 years with the label “Velut Luna”. Two of these CDs have been included in the records company's catalogue and have received a quality certification. One of the CDs has been included in one of the issues of the specialized magazine “AudioPhileSound”, also including a 6 pages article.

  • Artistic partnerships with associations and institutes (Conservatories of North-Eastern Italy, Italian and foreign Academies, Music Schools, local and international institutions).


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